For Defending Social Harmony and Protecting the Democratic Transition from Violence

For Defending Social Harmony and Protecting the Democratic Transition from Violence
sam 03/11/2012 - 22:15
For Defending Social Harmony and Protecting the Democratic Transition from Violence
For Defending Social Harmony and Protecting the Democratic Transition from Violence
In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,
Public Statement
Our country is passing through a delicate stage of our history with both hope and optimism, as well as fear of the potential risks of violence and extremism that could lead to the  failure of the revolution and the abortion of the democratic transition.  The Tunisian people, and all of the free people who supported the revolution and uphold democratic values, eagerly wish to witness the success of the Tunisian revolution in achieving its sacred objectives of implementing a democratic political system based on justice, human rights, freedom, and dignity.
The biggest threat against the democratic transition is the growing cycle of violence fueled by anti-democratic forces who were not able to cope with the new atmosphere of freedom. Our concern about the rising threat of violence is mandated by the negative impact on the image of our revolution which makes the desired economic development more difficult, is necessary to overcome the missed opportunities of the past 23 years of oppression and corruption of the former regime, and also as a result of the severe conditions that Tunisia went through following the revolution. We also believe that the aggression on the U.S embassy in Tunis, that took place on September 14, was a wake-up call to deal seriously and urgently with those who advocate violence or practice it. Acts of violence can never be accepted whatever the reasons, and can never be justified by any act of provocation.  Those who do not respect the law should not escape prosecution, while also providing protection and safeguards for fair trials.
In this context, we, the signatories of this statement, emphasize:
1. Our full solidarity with the American people, while asserting that the attack on the U.S embassy was an isolated event that does not represent the Tunisian people who greatly appreciate the support of the United States during and after the Tunisian Revolution.
2. The consensus of all the components of civil society and of all the political parties in condemning violence whatever the reason is, and the necessity to stop using this issue for political or electoral gains or propaganda.
3. We support the state military, security, and judicial institutions in their efforts to confront violence and impose rule of law, without allowing the possibility of violating the freedom or basic rights of all citizens.
4. The need to enhance educational and cultural programs  for strengthening a culture of peace, democracy and tolerance.
5.  We appeal to all sides to increase efforts to calm down the situation, and to refrain from the discourse of escalation and confrontation.
6. Finally, we appeal to our partners in the European Union and the United States to increase their support to the Tunisian economy and to the national efforts towards the success of Tunisia’s democratic transition, to achieve sustainable and just development,  and fulfill the aspirations of the Tunisian people.
In peace,
* Affiliations listed for information purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect approval from the party or the organization as a whole *
Radwan A. Masmoudi
President of the Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy
Zied Ladhari
Leader in Al-Nahdha party and member of the Constituent Assembly
Yassine Ibrahim
Executive Secretary of the Republican Party

Mohammed Bennour
Spokesman for Attakattol Party

Tayed Baccouche
General Secretary of the Nidaa Tounes party

Samir Ben Amor
Legal Advisor to the President of the Republic

Iyadh Ben Achour
University Professor and Constitutional scholar

Riadh Chaibi
Member of the Political Bureau of al-Nahdha

Ahmed Ibrahim
President of the Massar party

Mokhtart Trifi

Faisal Jedlaoui
Member of the Constituent Assembly

Mohamed Aziz Ben Achour
Director General of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Sciences

Abderazzak Hammami
Secretary General of the Patriotic Democratic Action party

Noureddine Arbaoui
Member of the Political Bureau of al-Nahdha party

Khaled Haddad
Journalist and Researcher in Media and information sciences

Skander Rekik
President of the Political Bureau of the Amane party

Slaheddine Jourchi
Writer, journalist, and human rights activist

Saida Akremi
Tunisian Association for the Defense of Political Prisoners

Seyed Ferjani
Leader in al-Nahdha party

Ben Issa Demni
Professor of Philosophy

Fathi Touzri
Member of the Executive Committee of the Republican party

Abdelwahab Hani
President of the Majd party

Hammadi Redissi
University professor and democratic activist

Leila Bahria

Zied Hani
Member of the Executive Committee of the National Syndicate for Tunisian Journalists

Amel Grami
Professor at University of Mannouba

Lazhar Abaab
Real estate expert

Souad Goussami Hajji
Human rights activist

Salah Attia
Independent writer and journalist

Fares Mabrouk
Professor at University of Paris/Arab Policy Institute

Habib Guiza
General Secretary of the General Confederate for Workers

Ahmed Bahloul
Researcher in Media and member of the Nahdha party

Bochra Belhaj Hmida
Nidaa Tunis party

Neji Bghouri
Former president of the National Syndicate for Tunisian Journalists

Mohsen Sahbani
Responsible for Transitional Justice at the Ministry of Human Rights

Monia Ibrahim
Member of the Constituent Assembly

Sonia Abdellatif

Karim Abdessalem

Hadi Ben Romdhane

Abdelmajid Charfi
University Professor

Selim Riahi
President of Free Patriotic Union

Abdelwahab Hafaiedh
President of the Forum for Practical Social Sciences

Zouheir Makhlouf
Human rights activist

Khalil Klai
Tunisian Association for Citizen Journalism

Alaya Allani
Researcher and Professor at University of Mannouba

Mohsen Kaabi
Secretary General of the Association for Fairness to Former Military Officers

Nabil Labbassi
Lawyer and Shahed Observatory for Elections and Supporting the Democratic Transition

Mohamed Moncef Barouni
Lawyer, and Tunisian American Friendship Association

Sanaa’ Mersni
Member of the Constituent Assembly

Ahmed Ounaies
Retired diplomat and former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Najet Laabidi
Lawyer and human rights activist

Mohamed Saleh Khadrawi
Founding member of the Movement of  Maghreb Construction

Amor Dhaouadi
Managing Director in Switzerland

Abderrazak Abidi
One of the Victims of BRRAKIT ASSAHEL Incidents

Imed  Zwawi
Student researcher / Tunis forum for youth empowerment

Salah Eddine Mzougui
Journalist and publisher in Germany

Sahbi Braham
Business man

Ahmed Khalifa
University Professor

Mohemed Arbi Nssiri
PhD canidate

Abdel Elhafidh Chaybi

Med Ghazi Ben Touns
International  Expert Economist  (independent)

Yahya Ghoul
Professor of Contomporary History in Tunis University

Imed Rgayeg

Jalila Ghodhbani
Lawyer  and Human Rights Activist

Omar Nemri
University Professor and psychologist

Mohamed bilel Bassli
Observatory Youth Association of Democracy

Boubaker M’barki

Rachid Najjar
International Association for the Support of Political Prisoners

Mohamed Damak
University professor

Ammar Khmili
Non-governmental Organization  NGO

Riadh Doura
Information Technology

Othmen Ben Hadj Omar
Secretary General of the Baath movement

Adel Smaali
Financial expert freelance writer

Mohamed Faouzi Mouhager
Teacher and Researcher (Independent)

Abedel salem zbidi
Press and Media

Mohamed Habib Marsit
Human Rights Militant

Rim Saoudi

Amna Abouda
Lawyer and Human Rights Activist

Dr Kamel Essghayri
Activist in the  Civil soceity

Radhi Meddeb
Action and Solidarity Development Association

Abdelbasset Abdouli
Al-Aaman Party

Abdelfatteh Idoudi
Agency for Technical Communication and Marketing (ATCM)

Mohamed Atia
Pharmacist Biologist. And Activist in LTDH

Fattoum Atia
Member  of  Tunisian Constituent Assembly

Rafik Benabdallah
Journalist (ASSABAH)

Ridha Mohamed Helel
University Professor  and Activist in Human Rights

Mourad   Rammah
Researches Expert

Amina  Zouari Goumani
Activist in the Civil Society

Abdeljalil Trabelsi
Tunisian Citizen

Jamel Abdelftteh

Slimen Benyoussef Lamin
Sociologist Communicator

lakhdar Ben Abderrahmen
responsible of relations of Administration  ; parties and organisations

Sami Belhadj

Dahker Abbas
Researcher (Independent)

Mohamed Dawood
Architect -Member of  Al-Aman Party

Mohamed Fadhel Askri

Ridha Saadi
Civil Servant (Director)

Tayeb Ben Amor
secretary of ISET Djerba

Rym Ghooma
Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)

Afif Bouni
University professor and  Director of Strategic Issues Magazine

Walid H’mem
Envirenment Association (Manzel Tmim)

Shams Eddin Belkhoudja
Noor Association

Abir Slimen
President of the Anti-Descrimination Oraganisation ADF

Amor Madiounia
Tunisian Citizen

Hichem Hamdi
Human Rights Activist

Hazem Ksouri
Lawyer (Free Tunisian Association)

Ammar Boumlessa
Associate Professor and Activist in the Civil Society

Rafik Bausch Khwadja

Hossni Lahmar
President Doctor Of Peace

Ezzeddin Bouhlel
University Professor

Sami Elbarkawi
University  Professor

Tawfik Baya
Urbanist – Central Ministry Director

Mohamed Faycel H’midi

Mohamed Fawzi Mouawia
President of the Citizenship Iniciative  Association

Ridha Souissi

Issam Khmakham
Euro-medeterranean  Tunisian Association for Youth

Oussama Chtourou
Information System Consultant

Farida  Ayari

Hassan Haj Kacem
Member of the Political Office of Al-Aman Party

Taher Gallali
University Professor  (Tunis Almanar)

Abdelmajid Esharfi
Universitay professor

Oussama Alkhridji
Activist with Annahdha Party

Khadija Ben Hssin
University Professor

Slim Riahi
President of the Free National Union

Abdelwahab Ben Hfayedh
President Of the Forum  of Applied Social Sciences

Dorra Harrar

Habib Awili
Tunisian Association For Asia Investment & Cooperation

Meriam  Ben Slimane

Khaled Founi
Vice President of the Association of Justice & Rehabiliation

Zouhair Ben Youssef
University Professor and Human Rights Activist

Nozha Ben Fredj

Abdelmonaam  Idriss
Teacher of Secondary Education

Mohamed Mohsen Daassi
Republican Party / Liberty and Equity

Ahmed Saadawi
University Professor of Manouba Universiy

Mounir Bokchari
Director of House for Youth  (Kalaa Kbira)

Samir kilani
voluntary Observatory

Chokri Mamni
University Professor of  Sociology

Rebhi Atiwi
Charter Center for Development and Human Rights

Mourad Hajji
President of Youth and Skills Association

Najet Laabidi
Lawyer and Human Rights Defender

Sadok Ashwayaa
Editor of A-shababik Magazine

Mouldi Lahmer
University Professor

Mabrouk Ouederni
Research & Development Expert  and University Professor

Mohamed Raouf Kechrid
Veterinary Medical Officier

Aymen Alkatri
Activist with Annahdha Party

M’sddak Jlidi
University Professor, Politician and  Activist in the Civil Society

Mouhamed Ali Azayez
Annahdha Party

Mouhamed Ben Moussa
Information Office of the Baha’i community in Tunisia

Raja Slim
Association Prospectives & development

Tarek Elghaly

Noureddine Aloui
Novelist and sociologist  (independent)

Zouhayer Makhlouf
Human Rights Activist

Mouhamed Lahbib Bou Thelja
retired professor

Nihel Ben Ammar
University Teacher

Khalil Klaii
Tunisian Association of citizenship journalism

Zied Chadhli
Annahdha Party

Mouhamed Berraou
Director of the Center for Studies and Research on Control Accountability and Anti-Corruption

Hatem Kotran
Vice president of the committee of Children Rights in UN

Lotfi  Saybi
Republican Party (Al-Jomhouri party)

Hamida Riahi
Accadamic Researcher

Riadh Belkadhi

Mohamed Lahbib Messtiri
party  of Reform and Development

Abdellatif Titouhi
Politician and Lawyer

Rabyaa El-Arbi

Najla Braham
judge in the  Administrative Court

Chamikh Esghaier
Ex-political prisoner

Jalel Saafi
Independent chartered accountant

Nourdine Alrabii
Association os Development Without Borders

Sami Chabrak
Association of Development Without Borders

Hosni Lahmar
doctors for peace

Chedly Aouriri
Tunisian Community Center , Oregon Chapter , USA

Mouhamed Hamza
Independent Islamist and a Human Rights Activist

Ridha Baklouti

Hedi Ferjani
Expert Senior Engineer . Omega Group Sfax Tunisia

Mouhamed Kamel Elhouki
Association of Justice and Rehabiliation

Dalila Tayachi
University Teacher

Boubaker Benkrayem
retired colonel and former Major in Land Army

Alaya Allani
Researcher Professor in Mannouba University

Nader laadhari

Driss Jebrouni Masmoudi

Imen Masmoudi

Habib Kaabachi
Director of  political affairs OCI

Habib Gh’rab

Bochra Bel Haj Hmida

Faouzi Abdouli
Al-Nahhda Party

Houda Bouzid

Monia Ammar
judge  and  member of the Association Citizen Action

Amir Abdelwahab
Responsible for External Relations at the Tunisian observatory of the Trade Union Rights and Freedoms.

Neji  AL-Arbi
International Expert , Economist in transportation

Mohamed Salah Addouni

Khaled Ayech abdallah sghair
Chairman of the National Forum for Human Rights

Monia Hammami
Professor at the University Specialized in Political Discours analysis

Mohamed Ali Ettayeb

Jalila Klaii
Activist in the Civil Society

Issam El Amri
President of the Tunisian Association for victims of medical errors

Sami Azouz
University Professor

Salah Attia
Writer and freelance journalist

Mohamed Kamel Salaani

Ahmed Loubiri

Ahmed Azznad

Mohen Kaabi
Secretary-general of the Equity  Association for Ancient Military

Yassine Awina

Saiida Mahmoud

Selma Najar
Veterinary Doctor

Tarek Najar

Slim Ennaifer
Independent Expet

Abdelhamid Abdallah

Najem Dhaher
University Professor

Ahmed Bahloul
Researcher in Media Studies, member of Nahdha Party

Jalel Saafi
Independent Chartered Accountant – And Treasurer of CTRM Association

Faouzi Shawish
Activist in the Civil Society

Salwa Wali
French language Teacher and  Member in  the  Party of Reform and Development .

Habib Guiza
Secretary General of the General Confederation of Labour – CGTT

Abdel Sallem Arbaoui
Activist in the Civil Society

Mustapha Bakir

Mohamed Ben Jemaa
Writer and Political Activist

Redha Fakih

Abdellatif Bouden

Mourad Al-Aguerbi
Principal Engineer In Tunisian TV

Nabil Labassi
Lawyer and Activist in Human Rights

Mohamed Moncef Barouni
Tunisian-American Friendship Association  (TAFA)

Ali Bou Aziz
Director of  Ibn Khaldun site

Soufya Hamami

Abdelwahhab Ben Hafayedh
ASSF Executive Director

Walid Ben Salah
Tunisian Association to Support Transparency

Nourdine Horchani

Abdelkrim Dahmen
SD Blida University

Ahmed Jawadi
Freelance Toor Guide

Amor Ben Romdhane
Permanent member of green crescent  Sousse Presentation

Mokhtar Trifi

Mohamed Habib Marsit
Human Rights Militant

Shams Eddine Bel khoudja
Noor Association

Abdelfattah Idoudi

Safouen Ben Brahim

Hakim Ben Othman
Associate Professor at Tunis Business School, University of Tunis

Abdedayem Noumi

Ali Abdeallah Med Jassar
President of the Human Rights Chamber In  Yemeni Association of Political Science

Charifa Al-Ikhwa
Researcher and professor in political and social marketing – University of Carthage

Noureddine Arbaoui
Member in the Executive Bureau of Annahdha

Sana Mersni
Member in ANC

Sahbi Braham
Business man

Riadh Sakma
principal journalist in TUnisian Radio

Mohsen Hassani
President of Association AHALINA

Lotfi Aajra

Hela Boujneh

Yassine Gwiaa
Al-Amen Party

Mehrez Ben Saiid
Professor S.G “The Will” (la volenté) Metline.

Lotfi Hidouri

Mohamed Mohssen Aldaassi
Republican Party of Justice and Freedom

Fares Mabrouk
Professor of Politcal Sciencs  in Paris / Arab Policy Institute

Ahmed Brahim
President of Al-Masar Party

Houssine Bou Chiba
The Association of Dignity for the Political Presonier

Nizar Kallel
Interpreter at US Embassy Tunisia

Mohamed Njidi
University prfessor   Ben Misk  Literarture  University Casablanca

Bilel Kamoun
Activist in the Civil society

Riadh Fadhloun
Financial Director

Mohamed Laabidi
Activist in the Civil Society

Warda Bechir

Abderrahman Al-hadhly
Associate Professor and Researcher in History

Maher Kallel
Noor Association

Mongi Ben Salem
University professor

Mehdi Bhouri

Taoufik Addouni
President of the Liberal Democratic Party PDL

Abdallah Tourkmani

Mohamed Riadh Chaabouny

Monji Marzouk
Ministry of Technology and Information and Communication

Abdelhamid Al-Arkach
University Professor

Firas Chayeb

Khalil Derbel
US Embassy in Tunis

Mehrez Drissi
Civil Society Activist

Nacer Fantar

Hafedh Bourmesh
4 seasons Doors & Windows

Sami Hamdouni
President of Arab and Islamic identity  loyals

Habib Kazdoghlli
Dean of the Faculty of Manouba

Med kacem Abderrahman
Committee of Darfour Lawyers

Fathi Ghorbel
University Professor In USA (Independent)

Jamel Bettayeb
Activist in the Civil Society

Bashir Asswidy
President Masar Association for Development

Fatma Bouraoui
University professor

Jaafar Sahim
PADIL Services

Adnen Hasnaoui

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